#47 – Man Murders Woman 2016


It’s with much sadness and anger we report the death of 57 year old Adelaide woman Myrna Nilsson who has been murdered allegedly by 2 male assailants at her home in Valley View. Her 27 year old daughter in law was also viciously assaulted and bound & gagged. The murdered woman’s 3 grandchildren were home at the time but physically unharmed. The son of the murdered woman & husband of the other victim was at work at the time.

“We are treating this as a murder, a very deliberate, calculated and vicious attack on defenceless people in their home,” Police said at the scene.

Authorities were called to Bunbury Tce shortly after 10 pm Friday amid reports of a “disturbance”. Neighbours found the terrified, injured woman in an adjacent front yard before police discovered her murdered relative in the family home. Witnesses described hearing screams, and two men of Caucasian appearance were seen fleeing in a white “tradesman-style” Holden tray-top 4WD ute. They remained on the run on Saturday night.

While the motive remains a mystery, detectives are investigating whether the murdered woman was followed home during a 30-minute journey from her Unley workplace.

We extend our deepest condolences to Ms Nilsson’s family and friends.


The summary of women killed in 2016 listed by sex of known or presumed perpetrator is located here. Unsolved cases of the death or disappearance of women are also listed on this page.

At the time of posting, 93% of the alleged killers of women in Australia in 2016 were male (53 of the total 57 alleged perpetrators), with 13 missing or dead women on the watch list. 96% of women were killed, where known, by male perpetrators.

The count of women killed by known or suspected male violence in a Australia is jointly undertaken by Reclaim the Night Perth and Women Shout Out Australia.

We report the deaths of women as accurately as possible, updating these records as we are able to. If we have misreported any facts of this case, please contact us. We do not wish to affect any future court actions and will not intentionally publish posts or comments which do this.

Please bear in mind cultural sensitivities when sharing these reports. Where it is not culturally or legally appropriate to do so, we will not report the victim’s name.

If you have any additional information about women killed by male violence in Australia in 2016, please email us at wimms@womenshoutoutaustralia.com or via the facebook pages of Reclaim the Night Perth or Women Shout Out Australia.

Reclaim the Night Perth and Women Shout Out Australia

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