#4 – Man Murders Woman 2016

This is a count of women killed by known or suspected male violence in a Australia, jointly undertaken by Reclaim the Night Perth and Women Shout Out Australia.

Sharon Michelutti

Sharon Michelutti was found dead in her bedroom on 1st February 2016.

Her long term partner, Gavin Debeyer, who reported that she had tried to kill herself, was subsequently charged with her murder.

News reports indicate that the relationship between Ms Michelutti and her alleged murderer had started when she was 14 and had been evidently violent, with her son attending the scene assuming his father had killed her. Apprehended domestic violence orders failed to protect Ms Michelutti after decades of domestic violence.

Condolences go to Ms Michelutti’s family and friends.

News links:

02/02/16: Defacto charged with Ms Michelutti’s death
03/02/16: Sydney woman murdered by partner is 4th woman to be killed in Australia in 2016

We report the deaths of women as accurately as possible, updating these records as we are able to. If we have misreported any facts of this case, please contact us. We do not wish to affect any future court actions and will neither publish posts nor comments which do this.
Please bear in mind cultural sensitivities when sharing these reports. Where it is not culturally appropriate to do so, we will not report the victim’s name.

If you have any additional information about women killed by male violence in Australia in 2016, please email us at wimms@womenshoutoutaustralia.com or via the facebook pages of Reclaim the Night Perth or Women Shout Out Australia.


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